Friday, 21 October 2016

What money can't buy..A Birthday Idea

Birthdays are always special whether it's about kids or adults. We always have a hidden desire to get our birthdays celebrated, right? Birthdays have actually become another family festival which whole family now celebrate with full swing. After I got married, one little "Birthday" incidence changed my perspective towards birthdays. I got married in Feb and in July came my husband's birthday. I asked him about his birthday gift so that accordingly I could buy something. He told me his answer and a supporting story for that answer. Let me first reveal his answer "What money can't buy". I was mystified after getting this answer. 
And now comes the story. During his studies, he used to save some money using different ways. Ways for example, not returning the changes to my mother in-law after he did any buying, charging her some amount for getting things from the market etc.. On his sister's birthday ( which comes during winters) , he decided to use his savings to buy her a grand gift. Let me tell you one thing here, my sister in-law is very picky about cloths. She loves shopping and bright colors :) . Continuing the story, my husband went to the market and got a good sweater for his sister. He gifted it on her birthday but got a long-faced reaction from his sister. Actually she didn't like the sweater. It was little over sized and light colored. His sister simply gave thumbs down to it and didn't wear it a single time. He was hurt and sad. As his sister was not wearing it and it was an expensive one, his mother started wearing it :).This gave him more irritation as every time he saw her mother wearing that sweater,he got to remember his not accepted gift.
With time, this little incident made him understand one thing. Birthday's are not only for gifts. It's more about making birthday buddy happy. He told me this story so that I can clear my understanding about birthdays. Referring to this story, he demanded me "What money can't buy". Now I can connect to his answer. Happiness, smiles and peace of mind money can't buy. Money can be used as a helping hand to achieve all this but there is no such shop in this whole universe where we can get Happiness as whole.
On my son's first birthday we followed the same thought, "Birthdays are to make birthday buddy happy." And instead of any grand celebration, we decided to have a small party with family friends only. We invited our neighbors also whom my son loves a lot. He enjoys so much with his best friend Dhwani Didi ( very nice girl from one of the neighbors family) so we made sure our son could play with her, during the party also. We decided to spend limited money and do savings for our son.  So birthday celebration was like :
1. Big party hall but less people so that kids can get space to play as they wish.
2. Bigger cake so that kids can have as much they want, plus we offered cake to hotel staff also.
3. Duration 7 PM to 10.30 PM only so that everyone can reach home timely. Kids can go school next day and office people also don't feel sleepy next morning.
4. Good food ( food is the only thing adults enjoy in any party)
5. And lots of pics to keep memories safe for future.
We can always make birthdays as grandiose as we wish but I think in any mob, small kids get irritated. I have seen my friend's kid who was continuously crying throughout the party. Just because there was a huge party crowd and her mother was super busy in attending many of her guests. So celebration should be friendly with kids and especially when it's kid's first birthday. We should plan according to kid's nature and liking. Because it's kid's birthday so celebration should be as kid loves to relish.

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