Wednesday, 22 July 2015

A poem dedicated to all Mothers

My Mom,,my poem,,
When bells in the temple, sing a song, there are you my Mom
In the land of love, beyond right and wrong, there are you my Mom
The fire of anger and hate, burns me sometimes,
you teach me to forgive, and to listen the music of chimes
On the thorny paths, I feel hopeless,
you take my hand, and make me progress
When in darkness my heart weeps,
with your spark, it grows in bounds and leaps
When storms of world, make me blind,
I get the path, with your voice’s echoes in my mind
When I loose all hope, and feel despair,
you send me the hugs, on the wings of air
When a child with starlike eyes, gives a smile, there are you my Mom
in rain, in sun, in stone of miles, there are you My Mom !!
Love you Mom.. smile emoticon